Reiki in Brussels

So what is Reiki anyway and what will I learn in these workshops ?

Reiki is a subtle and delicate way of healing yourself and others, its goal is restoring and harmonizing Chi, the energy of life, by the use of touch. The theory of Chi is that many ailments come from an inbalance of the energies inside our body. Reiki is a wonderful way to instantly reconnect with yourself and with others, to open a new eye to the world.

The teaching of Reiki is divided into three levels.

Level One is the gateway to your Reiki journey, on this level you will learn its history and working principles. Receiving Reiki is done by a symbolic process called “atunement”, after completion of this weekend you will be connected to Reiki and able to apply most of its powerful techniques on yourself and those around you. Level two will give you additional tools and techniques such as the sacred symbols of Reiki, connecting you to a higher level of knowledge and understanding, adding a mental practice to the traditional hands positions of level One. After adding level two to your experience, you will be a Reiki Practitioner, able to register with a Reiki federation and practice for a fee. Level three consists of two parts, the first one will make you a Reiki master, adding yet some more energetic and mental tools, making yout kit more complete. The second part is made for those willing to teach Reiki, to transmit the knowledge to others.

In a world more and more disconnected from its roots, Reiki can be an incredibly rich and powerful discovery, a new way to envision our connection to life and energy, a way to “press pause”, even for a few minutes in a busy day, reaching for new energy where others would only find exhaustion.

This might appear extremely abstract and esoteric at first, being someone of a very pragmatic background,  I have to admit I was skeptic at first, but learning Reiki with a teacher as encouraging, open and experienced as Richard Ellis was a true journey of discovery and amazement. Far from the rigid structure of so many courses these days, Richard wants you to learn Reiki in your way while staying in the purest tradition of this ancient art. Contrary to popular belief, Reiki is not “new age”, it is ancient and it has stood the test of time.

Reiki is for everyone, all you have to do is allow yourself to discover it with an open mind.